Premier Publishing are putting together a new Official Club Corporate Brochure and would like to offer existing members and sponsors a chance to profile in the publication for a 16 month period. This year we will also be offering a unique opportunity for all advertising businesses to have the added on value of sponsoring a 16ft Skiff race day at Manly.

The brochure for The Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club will be designed as high-end marketing collateral and will be used extensively by the club and ourselves on behalf of the club to raise their profile within their local area in order and to increase revenue streams from new members / hire of facilities / events / corporate sponsorship / training & conferencing facilities etc.  As such, distribution and circulation is on 5 levels and is maintained for 16 months.

We are due to publish in late July, and invitations are currently being provided to certain local businesses or organisations to profile themselves in the brochure for the period. Positions are strictly invitation only – you must be local, well established, have products or services of distinct benefit or interest to the readership (particularly the members and the club) as well as the external readership. You may also be known by the club. It is completed this way to ensure that only the highest quality of service is provided by the advertisers.

Distribution and circulation is on 5 levels: (On site – External business distribution points – Third party residential mailing system – Members- Website)


The brochures will  be situated in easy eye-sight in high visibility areas around the club site (clubhouse, restaurant, bars, reception, conference facilities) etc. The brochure is free of charge and all guests and visitors throughout the 16 month period will be offered and encouraged to take copies. Incoming telephone enquiries to the club will have a brochure sent out on request. As you would expect all members to the club are given a copy direct from the committee. All sponsors and club suppliers are provided copies. Essentially from the club site the brochure will be on display 24/7 for the whole 16 months and every single day editions will be distributed. As mentioned above, all advertising businesses will also be offered an opportunity to have a sailing race day at the club sponsored by their business. An additional day for maximum exclusive exposure of your business on this day to all members and visitors. The committee will personally liaise with each business leading up to the race day to ensure that you get the very best marketing opportunities within the club on this day.


This is highly targeted so we will be using a distribution company which will focus on the affluent residential areas in and around the club site ( and immediate surrounding areas), well-established larger businesses and waiting rooms. The brochure will go through the letter-box. The waiting rooms will be in private hospitals, private clinics, car dealerships, dentists and high end corporate companies etc.

Initial print-run is 5000 editions with top-up print-runs throughout the period as and when the club are low on stock. We will release up to 2000 to the club to begin with, with the remainder delivered when they are low on stock. We will top the club up a number of times throughout the period whenever they get low on stock again.. We will focus on the affluent residential areas only on the residential distribution.


All members will receive a brochure directly along with anyone associated with the Sailing Club.


We will also put a link of the brochure on the website to increase media exposure, further maximizing your audience.

We also estimate in total the readership to be a minimum of 70,000 per edition.

Please consider this invitation carefully. It is a unique opportunity to profile your business to all the members, guests and visitors at the club, as well as a high-end local audience, for an extended period of time.

Please contact the publisher Wayne Smith on 0422 058 799 or via wayne.smith@premierpublishing.com.au if you would like to get involved or require any further information.